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Steinbeck Young Authors Program

The Steinbeck Young Authors Program aspires to ignite the imagination of middle school students, specifically those in grades 6th to 8th. It seeks to lead them on an inspiring journey through the works of the legendary American author, John Steinbeck, while simultaneously encouraging the cultivation of their own unique narrative talents. Participating in this program offers a platform for students to not only express their artistic flair but also to deepen their appreciation for Steinbeck’s literary legacy.

Program Highlights:

Discovering John Steinbeck: Students will embark on a voyage into the world of John Steinbeck—his life, his creations, and the thematic tapestries he wove into his narratives.

Crafting Original Narratives: Encouraging young minds to channel their imaginative energies, the program invites students to craft their own original stories. This endeavor not only nurtures their writing acumen but also empowers them to articulate their distinctive voices.

Anthology Publication: The pinnacle of this journey is the anthology publication, which will feature submitted works by students. This honor is not merely a celebration of their creative endeavors, but an affirmation of their literary aptitude.

Steinbeck Center’s Day of Writing*: Two students, nominated by their teachers, will be granted the unique privilege of participating in the Steinbeck Center’s Writing Day here at the National John Steinbeck Center located in Salinas, CA. (Local Students Only*)

We firmly believe that the Steinbeck Young Authors Program will significantly enrich your student’s educational journey. By fostering a passion for literature, refining their writing skills, and nurturing their creative instincts, this initiative promises to be a transformative experience. 

In order to facilitate seamless participation, we kindly request that you disseminate this information to your esteemed teaching colleagues. Linked at the bottom of this email, you will find a Google Form tailored for teachers who wish to partake in this year’s Steinbeck Young Authors program. The deadline for teachers to complete the form is set for Friday, September 29th, 2023. We kindly request that each teacher completes the form only once. 

Following this, teachers can anticipate receiving their Google Drive links from education@steinbeck.org by no later than Friday, October 6th, 2023. Teachers can have their students start working on their writing as soon as teachers get their Google Drive resources. Student submissions are due by January 31st, 2024. We will be in contact about dates for the Day of Writing and the Steinbeck Young Authors Awards night as we approach the end of the semester. 

If you are a School District, School or Teacher who would like to sign up for the 2025 program, please visit this Google Form.

Should any queries arise or further information be required, please do not hesitate to contact us at education@steinbeck.org.