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Discussions of the people, places, and events that influenced Steinbeck’s life.

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Explorations of Steinbeck locations around Monterey County

Steinbeck Works

“Woody is just Woody.” ~John Steinbeck

The National Steinbeck Center is proud to host “Woody is just Woody ~ Steinbeck,” an exhibit by Lew Aytes. In this exhibit of art and artifacts, Lew brings to life the connections between Dorothea Lange, John Steinbeck, Will Geer, and the way that folk music stars from Woody Guthrie to Bruce Springsteen brought the plight of Dust Bowl migrants to a whole new world of music. Featuring the art of Martha Powers-Carrothers, Lew Aytes, Susan Brown, Leigh Wallace, and Mike Brown.

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Behind the Scenes: Artists in Parallel

For Winter 2024, the National Steinbeck Center has partnered with the Griffith J. Davis Photographs and Archives. This exhibit explores the parallel lives and artistic expressions of photographer and diplomat Griffith J. Davis and John Steinbeck. Through their work, both men explored common themes that form the four facets of this exhibit. Music courtesy of Artist.io.

Behind the Scenes: John’s Jackets

Get a little behind-the-scenes discussion of what went into the creation of the National Steinbeck Center’s newest exhibit, “John’s Jackets: The Art and History of the Book Jacket.” This video features Curator McKenzie and Archivist Lisa, talking about this exploration of cover art.

Farms to Incubators Gallery

From the Archive: Sweet Thursday

Bringing the National Steinbeck Center museum to you at home, listen with Lisa Josephs, our Museum Archivist, to John Steinbeck reading a portion of his 1954 sequel to Cannery Row, “Sweet Thursday”.

Steinbeck Country United Art Exhibit

Steinbeck’s Salinas: A Writer’s Hometown

Taking you behind the scenes of “Steinbeck’s Salinas: A Writer’s Hometown,” the final exhibit of 2023. In this exhibit, the National Steinbeck Center features its own archive collection of photos and Steinbeck Family artifacts to illustrate John Steinbeck’s connections to Salinas.