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Steinbeck’s Phalanx: Nunnally Johnson

Hollywood writer Nunnally Johnson took on the difficult task of adapting “The Grapes of Wrath” for film. Archivist Lisa talks about how his relationship with Steinbeck helped him through the daunting task.

Steinbeck’s Phalanx: Robert Capa

Photographer Robert Capa was a longtime friend of Steinbeck’s. John credited Capa with teaching him how to survive in a warzone, skills that came in use during Steinbeck’s time as a war correspondent.

Steinbeck’s Phalanx: Sisters

John Steinbeck grew up with two older sisters and one younger sister. Although his sisters embraced a middle class respectability that Steinbeck avoided, they maintained life-long relationships that profoundly influenced all of them.

Steinbeck’s Phalanx: Carol Henning Steinbeck

First of Steinbeck’s wives, Carol had a profound influence on Steinbeck’s early career. Hear about Carol’s life, personality, and one of the many stories from her time working in Ed Rickett’s lab, in her own words.

Steinbeck’s Phalanx: John Ernst and Olive Steinbeck

John Steinbeck’s childhood was shaped by two dedicated, loving parents, John Ernst Steinbeck Sr. and Olive Steinbeck. They were the foundation of Steinbeck’s earliest experiences. These experiences live on in Steinbeck’s fiction, appearing again and again throughout his writing career. Join National Steinbeck Center Archivist, Lisa, in hearing about their lives in this exclusive video […]